Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Since I was young, I have always sported short hair. My mom never let me keep my hair long as she always said that it made me look older than I should.(However, I think she just didnt want to have the hassle of tying my hair for me).

The longest I have grown my hair was for my wedding, and that was only a little longer than shoulder length. It was long enough for me then to bun it up too. As a result, I had flowing tresses during the church solemnisation, and a sophisticated bun for the wedding dinner.

However, after the wedding, I cut my hair short again, and I must say, it made me look younger. I also make my girls keep short hair now, as it is easier to manage, and I believe, it makes them look fresher and younger. But girls, being girls, all want to keep their hair long, so that they can tie it up, plait it, etc.

A couple of years back when rebonded hair was the "in-thing", I was again very tempted to grow my hair long. just so I could have it rebonded. However, my hairdresser advised me against it, as I have natural curls, and he said that I would only be wasting my money. I then considered growing it long, and doing a ceramic perm - aaah, those lovely big curls. But again, my hairdresser advised against it. (Hey! looks like he doesnt like to earn my money!)

Time and again, I have eyed girls with long hair, with envy. They can do so many thing with their hair. In the middle of last year, I put my foot down. I told him that I needed to change my hair-do. I was sick and tired of this short hair with which I cant do a thing! So, he agreed to let me grow it. If he hadn't, I would have taken my custom to the very famous "Ah Bu" to the stars, to see what magic he could perform!

I am one person, who gets a hair-cut every 6 to 8 weeks. So dutifully, I have been visiting the hairdresser when the "due date" came along, for my trims. When I went again just before Christmas, he told me that the next visit, would be when we changed my hair do. And that day is tomorrow!

My hair currently isnt all that long, and I doubt he can change the style substantially. But guess what? I think, I will ask him to chop it all off, as I cant stand the hair sticking out here, there and everywhere. I also cant stand the mess I look, with this long hair!! But which short hair-do should I have?


So, hair today, gone tomorrow.

Talk about women having fickle minds!!


Chev said...

i have short hair too, since secondary school days ;)

Iml said...

Victoria's latest hair do. Looks good on asian face.

Ling That's Me said...

Hey, Im also having natural curls and did rebonding and the curls will come back about 8 months later. :D

eastcoastlife said...
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eastcoastlife said...

I have my hair long when I was in school so I could tie plaits. When I started working, I kept my hair short for easy and quick maintenance. Every few years I would have a period of 2-3 yrs when I have my hair long again.

The most difficult part of growing long hair is the initial one year. It looks unitdy with the hair sticking everywhere. Most of my friends have no patience to wait it out and usually chop it off.

I have long hair for almost 3 years now and I'm thinking of chopping it off soon. I'll look younger with short hair ^-^.... but less spicy. hahaha......

bp said...

Maybe your hairdresser can give you a new look without cutting too much off? =) But I also like how convenient, and spiffy-looking short hair can be!

Can we have a peek when you come back... please, pretty please? ;p

Sweetiepie said...

victoria hair style is not bad..i did once cut that hair style last summer.Look younger and easy to maintain.

tigerfish said...

I have had short hair since birth to uni. Ever since then, I have not cut it short. I do like short hair, esp when the weather is so hot. But once you keep long hair, sometimes you just can't bear to cut what you have grown "painstakingly" :P ...hahahha.
But one thing for sure - when you have long hair you dont' have to visit the hairdresser so often as you do not need to upkeep the length of the short hair.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi everyone

Did not take Vic Beckam's hairdo as i thot it was too chiseled.

Well, I chopped it all off! This weather is so hot. It's a semi-bob - whatever that is. But my hairdresser says he is not done with me yet - still trying to let me have a different hairdo in time to come. So, - no need to have a peek at this "lau char boh" la!