Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ushering in the New Year

Did you usher in the New Year?

I have not done it for quite a number of years already, as to me, my beauty sleep is more important.

Before the birth of my son, every new year's eve would see hubby and me (and my daughter, S ), rewarding ourselves on New Year's eve at one of those high-end F&B establishments or hotel, with our hard-earned cash on a too-expensive dinner. But after my son arrived, I left my job to be a full time mum. Unneccessary expenses were trimmed, and this was one of them, as it became too much of a chore to be eating out nicely dressed with two very young children. Since then,New Year's eve have been homely affairs, and I had not bothered to stay up to usher in the new year.

This year, after a nice family meal at home, we brought the kids out for some durians. The kids came home contented, and we packed them off to bed. I decided that since I managed to catch a cat-nap in the evening, I could and would actually stay up to watch the count down on TV.

I thought the New Year count-down show was a little boring, and dozed off in front of the TV. Luckily hubby's mobile rang just in time to wake me up. (It was his office calling!!). I must say, the call was timely, as shortly after, there was the count-down to the New Year. The fireworks display was quite impressive, (though the Sydney one was much better), and as soon as it ended, I quickly ran up to bed. Did not want to waste my beauty sleep watching that boring show.

So, after a 8 year hiatus, I ushered in the New Year, this time in the comforts of my home!


mott said...


Pls forgive me for not dropping a comment earlier! I just wanna wish u and your family a happy, healthy and stress-free year ahead!

Hope this brand new year will be kind to you!

p/s: I too, fall asleep just before midnight...beauty sleep is much much more impt...*winks*

Ling That's Me said...

Before we had children, we alws attend countdown party. Now, same as u, in the comfort of our home :)

bp said...

Hehe! No better place than home sweet home... great way to ring in the new year! Have a great one!!!

Iml said...

Like you, was in bed by 11pm. Wanted to wake up bright and cheery on the First day of the year.

tigerfish said...

I usually just spend new year at home too. Too crowded to be out.

Happy New Year!