Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ironing blues

I am one person that does not hate ironing. In fact, I enjoy it. I find it kind of theraputic. It gives me time to myself to iron out all those creases. However, since we returned from living in New York, we have had help at home, so I no longer need to do the ironing. You know what? Since then, I have been having ironing blues! Why? I have had my silk favourite cheong sum sleeve burnt, amongst many others disasters. There are also times when my cupboard and the children's are completely empty, coz the ironing had not been done for days! I guess my helper does not enjoy ironing.

The sales lady from a boutique I frequent recommended me this:

It is a garment steamer. So, we invested in one of it just this week. It is easy to use, and there will be no burns - guaranteed! Why? Coz it uses steam to smoothen out creases and it is done with the garment hung up. And, it can used for all types of fabrics.

Hopefully, my wardrobe will start looking better now.


Kopi Soh said...

Does it work? We bought something similar too, unfortunately it does not work so we had to return it :(

Hazel said...

how much of it?
happy weekend!

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi kopisoh
Just bot it on thursday, will be setting it up soon. Let u know. but when i tried it in the shop it worked, and the boutique uses it!

Paid about US$175 for it.

mott said...

it does work. we have one as well..

but i gotta say, it's darn tiring standing up, steaming the clothes.

I prefer to sit down n do my ironing...and watching the telly..heh!

AG said...

I have one of those. I wouldn't say it works 100%, but 90%. Becuase if you have anything that is 100% cotten, then you will really need the traditional iron to do the job. Other than that, works great for pants / trousers / polyester based clothing, uniforms and t-shirts.

tigerfish said...

I hate to do ironing. I usually buy clothes that do not need much of ironing. :P

NomadicMom said...

Speaking of BURNT...My maid just destroyed my son's swimming top..which does NOT require ironing, of course. So how did she burn it? She said that she was ironing H's shirt, and S2's swimwear was inside the shirt.

Of course I gave her a long lecture lah... Didn't she smooth out the crease onto the ironing board before putting the iron on the shirt? Sure got alittle bit of a hump if got something entangled in the shirt, right??


Iml said...

Ironing? It's something I have to do if I don't want to walk around feeling wrinkled!

Sweetiepie said...

this is good.!you can use this to clean your cotton couch too.

bp said...

Somehow I missed this earlier post of yours! I don't mind ironing, but I have to wait till after dark (when the kids go to bed) to do it, so I'm usually very tired to think of it as therapeutic!

Your new gadget is so cool... just like the ones in the stores! Does it take faster to iron a shirt or pair of pants?