Monday, January 7, 2008

One more month

Yes, it is just one more month to Chinese New Year. The days and weeks are going to just fly by very quickly, and there's just so much to do. Spring cleaning, baking (or buying) cookies and gifts for close friends and relatives, shopping for new clothes for everyone, deco for the house, planning the reunion dinner menu, etc.

I started a bit of the spring cleaning already, in fact right after Christmas, when I threw away as much as 12 bags of "trash". I have also started giving away old clothes. The children's old toys that were still in good working condition, were passed on to friends with younger children. Old school books were donated to the church group who was collecting it for the needy. Must say, it was a really productive "spring cleaning" week. Now, at least, there is some spare space in the house for me to accumulate more "treasures"!

I hope that if you are not making your own goodies, you have already ordered them. The really good ones have already stopped taking orders. I already have, more or less, planned my schedules for the next few weeks - Shopping for dried goods (things like dried mushrooms, fish maw, lap cheong, etc), a visit to the hairdressers (those white are getting more obvious, must do something about it!), go for a facial (must show off some porcelain white skin when visiting rellys), shop for shoes, go for a pedicure, etc.

But have to get Little D back to school first. 2 more days before she starts school again!!


Sweetiepie said...

CNY is not important to me now!cuz i don't celebrate it here.Kind of boring and sad to me not celebrating with my is the most important for a CNY!donanting is the best way to recycle.:)

stay-at-home mum said...

Hey Sweetiepie
You can still have your own little celebration there for CNY. I did it when I was living in NY. Just do your own thing, and have some close friends over for a "reunion" dinner.

Jenny said...

We love CNY here in the Philippines! We always celebrate it with family and with lots of food. Sticky cake is given away by the boxes and always eaten so that we will always "stick" together. :)

mumsgather said...

Wuah! Good lah you. You are off to an early start. Less stress of last minute rush. Must copy you. Hehe.

NomadicMom said...

Not going bck for CNY. No need to buy cookies since H received some boxes of cookies for Xmas.

Iml said...

Once again the frenzy buying beings.