Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New School Year

Today marks the new school year for most kids in Singapore. Why do I say most? Because my little D does not start until the 9 Jan! Arghhhh!! Why? Because her school is in the midst of moving to new premises (with rising rentals, I guess they had no choice unless they raised school fees drastically which wont be terribly welcomed by the parents.) So it means - No rest for me until then.

My other kids will be like the rest of school going children, getting up early and trying to get used to the waking-up-super-early schedule again, rushing with other kids to get to school on time amidst the morning traffic jams, especially in the first week.

This year sees my eldest in P6, and my second in P3. I can forsee a stressful time ahead for me. In fact, I just looked at the school calendar for the 1st week and realised my big Boo boo. We have booked tickets to Beauty World this saturday for a Matinee show, and there is this briefing for parents in school at the same time, which I feel we should attend!! Oh dear, it may mean $350 of our hard earned money down the drain, and the kids not getting to enjoy a show which they have been looking forward to.

Sigh, What a thing to find out on the first day of school and what a way to start the school year! Hope things get better from here!


Iml said...

Oops!! tough decision. Go for the matinee. Explain to the form teacher or ask one of the mothers who will attend the talk for updates.

Hazel said...

hi, first time here...good luck

Sweetiepie said...

wah your kids already in p6 and p3..too guys can't go to beauty world?do you really have to attend the parents meeting.good luck and happy new year

mott said...

I'm sure you would be able to get a summary of the 'talk', no?

Or...try to exchange for another date?

or..get ur hub n kids to go for the show...u go for the talk?

bp said...

Oh no, ask for a separate meeting, or an "online" one with the teacher? Yikes, I'd hate to have to give Beauty World (it's Dick Lee?) a miss!

If you really have to be in school, one of you go, and someone else can enjoy the other ticket? If everyone has to give it a miss, any chance of selling the tickets off online, or somewhere else? I'm sure you have thought of these already. Hope you come up with the best solution!

stay-at-home mum said...

Yippee! Hubby has decided to attend the meeting, and I will get to go watch Beauty World with the kids. That extra ticket? Well, I have invited an old school mate of mine to join us.

bp said...

Yay for you! Sounds like a great plan! Go enjoy yourselves!!!