Thursday, January 17, 2008

I am a Bankress??

We were watching Deal or No deal last night, and it was the Hunks episode. ie hunks were holding the briefcases instead of those pretty girls.

M-i-l decided to tease little D and asked her: Look at those men. Handsome or not? Is papa one of them?

Little D answered: No! He is the banker!

M-i-l: If you were one of the pretty girls, what case would you be carrying?

Little D: Number 8

M-i-l: What about mummy?

Little D: No, mummy is the bankress!

Not sure where she learnt that word from?? Could be she thinks:
actor - actress,
waiter - waitress,
so banker - bankress!!
(Hmmm, must get her to spend some time at

Does she think I am not pretty enough to be carrying one of those cases??? Boo hoo!


bp said...

Hahaha! Clever gal! Daddy is the banker, and that of course makes mommy the Bankress! More impt job than just holding on to a briefcase, no? =) I haven't watched the show before tho', it's good?

I love how little ones build up their own vocabulary by association =)

Firehorse aka Kopi Soh said...

How kam i miss the hunks version :(
Hehe bankstress sit in the dark leh...kekekeke

tigerfish said...

Oh, I did not even know Deal or No Deal is showing up in Sg TV right now! It is the US version right?
I hope it's not the Singaporean version :P

stay-at-home mum said...

It's the sg version :p

NomadicMom said...

Sollee...donno the show leh...
"boh kua tien see"....not that much anyway.

Sweetiepie said...

Even my younger daughter keep on saying no deal when we watch the show..the kids nowsaday very mature one...hehe!but your little D certainly cute and give you a funny answer.

Jenny said...

My 1 year old can do the "No Deal" sign when we prompt her. So cute! :)