Friday, August 3, 2007

Amazing Brilliance!

I logged into my kids school's e-learning website this past week. I was pleased that the school had made arrangements for the children to blog on this website . My guess is that it is to protect the kids from outsiders (read: "perverts who target kids") and also it allows the teachers to monitor the kids feelings about the going-ons in school.

I decided to read some of the blogs of my daughters' classmates, to find out more about the happenings in class, and also to get a different perspective of some of the things she has been telling me.

This is a class of 11 year olds, supposedly gifted. I was totally amazed at what they wrote. Sorry, but I am not reproducing anything they wrote, not without permission. But, believe you me, some of them had the maturity of an 18 year-old if not older. The way they had logically penned out their thoughts,(not sure if they planned - coz when I blog I dont - I just write what I feel and go with the flow) their arguements for and against something, the words that they used (I admit it puts me to shame, I had to check the dictionary to find out some meanings!!), their views and reflections. And these few brilliant ones blog everyday about anything and everything under the sun!! Their knowledge, maturity and use of language really amaze me!

It made me think of the time when hubby was teaching in the uni (some years ago), and he used to bring home scripts for marking (both everyday assignments and exam scripts). He used to share with me some of the "masterpieces", and we used to wonder what was going to happen to our future if these "so-called" uni students were to run the country in the future. Those were really like some of those jokes being passed around via e-mail nowadays.

Having read these blogs, and comparing it with those my husband used to share, these young kids win hands down! I am assured our future is now secured. Out of a class of 25, there were at least 4 who showed this brillance. Extrapolating it over the full GEP cohort of about 500 we would have at last 40, and this is not even counting those who dont even blog. Include the late bloomers (ie those not even selected for the GEP), we really do not have to worry. Our future should be in very good hands!


tigerfish said...

Wooo...I hope this just does not produce typical scholars who can write and instruct so well but do not know or do not want to take ACTION! That's the problem with MOST of them. I hope I'm not offending anyone here. :O

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi tigerfish
Not sure if it is the teaching that made them write so well - my daughter writes well (IMHO - for her age at least), but not at the level that some of these kids do. From what I hear from her, some of them are really, really brilliant (she pales by comparison), and they come from very humble backgrounds. So, I think there is hope!

Judy said...

I can easily believe what you said.
It is true these days, kids tend to write and think like an adult and the standard is far, far better than when we were in school.
Looking back, we behaved and thought like kids.
I suppose that is why my kids, especially my daughter, always say to me, "Grow up mum" or "Get a life mum" :P
I also think perhaps the school your daughter is in is of a higher standard? I am not familiar with Singapore schooling system but over here, they have grammar schools whereby the top 30 kids of the county get in by sitting for a few exams.

NomadicMom said...

Singapore schools are really advanced from what I heard. My friend who works in Singapore as a consultant told me that certain schools have Boston Consulting consultants "tutoring" secondary school kids in their projects!!!

stay-at-home mum said...

Yes, unfortunately, IMO, singapore schools are too advanced that they take the fun out of learning. I really pity my kids sometimes. They are doing well in school, so people just cant understand when I say I want to take them out and move them overseas. Its usually those that dont do well that do that. I want my kids to enjoy school and learning. It should be a total experience!