Friday, August 31, 2007

I remember my teachers ......

Happy Teacher's Day to all Teachers reading this blog.

In this post, I am sharing with you all that I remember of the form teachers that have taught me through the years:

P1: Mrs Sim - I salute her for remembering me, even after 25 years. I remember walking down Bras Basah Road one day, when I was about 30 years of age. I had stopped at a traffic junction, when suddenly a car pulled to a stop, the driver rolled down the window and said: Hi! You are...., I taught you when you were in P1. Yes, It was Mrs Sim, and she sure made my day. I must have been such an angel (or terror) in her class that she remembered me after all these years. I must have left quite an impact on her!!

P2 - Miss Lam - The only thing I remember about her was that she was my form teacher and Math teacher, and she was quite strict (read "Loud").

P3 - Mrs Smith - She was the gentlest teacher any one could ever have. I used to see her occassionally in church.

P4 - I dont remember her name, but she was an Indian, sari-wearing teacher. Guess her name was too long for me to remember at that young age. I remember her as the chalk and duster throwing teacher with very good aim.

P5 - Mrs Khoo - Quite a fierce teacher who did not hesitate to make her students stand outside the classroom.

P6 - Mrs Maisy Tan - A very patient teacher.

S1 - Mrs Singh - A teacher that made English and Literature lessons so interesting.

S2 - Mrs Pempimon, who later became Mrs Kulatissa - another fantastic literature teacher that ignited my interest in writing and acting.

S3 - Ms Yvonne Lee, who became Mrs Yvonne Khoo during that year - such a sweetie pie of a teacher who gave us some important life lessons. She was also a great literature and english teacher.

S4 - Ms Schooling aka Sr Germaine - the prettiest teacher in the school. Used to wonder why she did not become a model. I hated her history lessons, tho.

2 other teachers who taught me in my secondary school years that deserve special mention were Sr Cecilia Koh (aka Sr John) and Ms Rosalind Lee.

I remember Sr John for her very unusual Accounting lessons (I later went on to be an accountant, due to her influence), and Ms Lee for being the fierciest Math teacher in the whole school. Everyone dreaded math class (except me), for Ms Lee would terrorise everyone. The number of girls passing the math tests set by her on the average, would be less than 10% in each class. However, these 2 teachers, who have since passed on to join the Lord, produced the most number of students scoring As in the subjects that they taught. In fact, it was unusual if you did not score an A if you were taught by them. May their souls rest in peace!

In JC, we had the same form teacher for both years. Mine was Mr Yeoh. I remember he taught the most boring Math lessons and we used to laugh at the green rash he spotted.

Funnily, I hardly remember any of my uni lecturers, though it was not so long ago that I was there. I remember some of their names (Prof Han, Prof Chan,) but that's about it.

I guess, the best teachers were from my secondary school years.


iml said...

Your post reminded me, my teachers. Teachers that had made an impact in my life. Particular a Mr Tan which I wrote after reading your blog. Thanks.

Bkworm said...

wow, you can still remember your teachers' names! They must have made quite an impact on you. I can still remember some of mine especially the fierce ones. LOL!!

Kelly Mahoney said...

I can't believe you remember all the names! Impressive.

tigerfish said...

I feel so ashamed. I don't remember my form teachers. I had a Maths teacher in sec school also by the name of Rosalind but I think different surname (I really can't remember). And sound exactly like who you described. :O