Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chewy Junior

Last friday, I received a call from an acquaintaince, Inez. I know her as our kids attend the same chess school, and we frequently meet at chess tournaments. We get along pretty well, as like me, she is a stay-at-home mum.

She called and said that she was going to come by my place.

I was not sure what she wanted. It left me wondering: A crisis on her end? Maybe she needed someone to talk to. She has been telling me about the problems she was having with one of her sons. Maybe she is looking for a Mandarin tutor again.

She came by in 20 minutes. And guess what? She bought this for me:

I thought it was donut that she bought me, but it was not. Chewy Junior is the latest craze that has hit Singapore. The topping is like that of the latest donuts, but it is filled with cream. I would say it is a fusion of the donut you get from Donut Factory and a cream puff from Papa Beard.

It was delicious. Thanks Inez, for thinking of me.


Kelly Mahoney said...

Interesting, the trend hasn't made it to the U.S. yet.

eastcoastlife said...

Oh, new snacks. I'm a dessert person. I like Papa Beard and Factory Donuts. hmmm... I should go get this!

Jonzz said...

Hmm... dainty looking food.

Bkworm said...

oohhh...I love Papa Beard's cream puffs!! Wonder if this Chewy Junior will make it to our shores here??

iml said...

Looks deliciously sinful!!

NomadicMom said...

Over here also ppl crazy about donuts..

tigerfish said...

I love Papa Beard when it is fresh and cold...the soft cream custard.
But it's expensive :(
Donuts are common here in the US though.

How much for one fusion donut?

stay-at-home mum said...

Bxx of 9 assorted is $7.50. Think individually it is about $1 each.

Firehorse said...

Hmmm never tried it yet but looks like something i will like as i have a sweet tooth, yummmm.