Thursday, August 16, 2007

Too many short school weeks!

This week is yet another short week for primary school students. Last week was a short week due to the National Day celebrations. This week is short because of the PSLE (Primary School Leaving Exams) Orals.

I am not against short weeks. In fact, it means a break from having to wake the kids up early, and having to shuttle them to and from school. But, when there is a short week, the teachers tend to load the poor kids with homework. My daughter, S, commented: "They are trying to kill us with this e-learning thingy whenever there is a short school week."

Previously, when the PSLE kids had their oral and listening comprehension exams, school was as usual for all the other kids. Now these kids are kept home because of those same exams. The final exams for most kids are just two and half months away, and there is still quite a bit of the syllabus to be covered. We end up having to teach our own kids when the school is unable to teach it due to so many "off days" for the kids. They dont need to be taking this break, I feel.

Some parents tell me: "It's ok. When your kids get to P6 (PSLE year) you will want the other kids out of the school when they are having their exams."

No, I am not selfish. I am not expecting them to only close the schools when my kids are in the P6 year. I feel that the other younger kids should be taught to be quieter during the exam period ... hence they will learn to be considerate to others. Also, couldn't the orals be moved to a quieter part of the school, which is out of bounds to the rest just for these two days? Also, how long can the listening comprehension exam be? Not more than an hour that's my guess. 5 levels of classes are disrupted for an hour exam? The irony is, when these same P6 kids are taking the most important exams, the actual PSLE written papers, all the other kids are in school!!! No school closure.


tigerfish said...

I am with you. They should not keep the younger kids out even when there is oral exams for the P6. I still cannot see any valid good reason except that the same teachers are too tied-up with conducting the oral exams. Or could it be just an excuse to hold the parents responsible for teaching the kids at home and having the kids learn through this e-learning thingey? Schools taking the easy way out?

eastcoastlife said...

I agree with you on this. It seems like the schools are making excuses to have more holidays and not taking the opportunity to teach the kids a lesson on consideration.

My son in secondary school is having longer end of the year school holidays because of GCE'O' level.

And the teachers are cramming the syllabus in the shortened semester to order to complete it, in time for exams. This is not healthy for the kids.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog, did you Subscribe to PSLE NEWS by Email?

Judy said...

Totally agree. Would it possible to start a petition? :P

iml said...

Agree Agree Agree. Had been a tough week for me.