Friday, August 3, 2007

The results are out!!

And now, the time is near
I face the final curtain....

Yes, the cholesterol test results are out.

The good news is:

Total cholesterol is down - Yippee!
(Thanks, Quaker!)

BUT (why, must there always be a BUT!)
But I am not out of the woods yet.
Bad cholesterol (LDL) is still on the high side. - Sigh.

Considering I ditched the doctors medication,
I think I have done quite well.

So - no foie gras and crab celebration,
Nor laksa and char kway teow.
Not for now, at least.

I must still continue my acquaintance with Quaker.
No, no - not acquaintance - I must get to know him more intimately.
Must make it a habit to invite him over for a meal on a more regular basis.
Not only breakfast, maybe, even lunch, tea or supper.
Must introduce him to the rest of the family.
Must make him my best friend.
Must watch and continue this diet.

Oh, well! Life goes on... :)


stanley said...

Yes, I have also made regular acquaintance with oats usually before going to bed. Regular consumption of oats has also helped to improve my appetite and prevent constipation.

Judy said...

Well Done!!

You ditch doctor's prescription? :P

So, what do you have for lunch and dinner? I assume quackers for breakfast, right?

bp said...

Great job, SAHM!

Hmm... how about oatmeal-raisin or oatmeal-chopped dates cookies, that your kids can help make and enjoy altogether? The flip-side of the Quaker Oat cover (the canister kind) has a really good recipe that we like, if you haven't already tried it before =)

eastcoastlife said...

Quaker oats? Heard about that but yet to try. Good ar?

Take care of your health. It's no fun to be sick and imprisoned in own bedroom. hehehe.....

iml said...

Hmmm....maybe it's time for me to start my daily bowl of Oats too. So what is your favourite recipe? Instant or rolled?

Victor said...

Good to hear that your cholesterol level is under control. I guess it takes a regular exercise regime and careful eating habits to keep it that way.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi everyone
Yes, I have oats for breakfast (but not Quaker :P.) I real kiasu, so I have organice oats,but the instant sort with fruits.
For lunch and dinner, I have my usual, but I try to do away with the fats - like I would have kong bak pao, but just the lean bits. I have stayed away from offal, shellfish, food that contain coconut milk and oily food. And I load up on fruits and veggies. I now snack on dried fruits and nuts instead of junk food, choc bars N ice cream!

And yes! I ditched the doc's medication - coz it gave me a real low - on the verge of depression! It is my life, so I had to take things into my own hands!

tigerfish said...

That's good! Finally!
Can indulge once in a while lah :p