Thursday, August 2, 2007

Do oats really reduce cholesterol?

I know Quaker advertises that it does. But has it been scientifically proven? I really dont know! Everyone swears by it tho'.

Anyway, today is d-day. Had my blood extracted by Dracula (that's her nickname at the medical centre that I go to) for my cholesterol test this morning. Results will be out tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed. (Toes and hair, and everything else that I can think of).

"Quaker, I am depending on you to give me good results tomorrow."

Then, maybe we can celebrate with some laksa and char kway teow for lunch, and crabs and foie gras for dinner. I have been really good these past three months - keeping my distance from these good friends of mine, and acquainting myself more with Quaker (up to 5 times a week!) and his good friends Mr Fruits and Mrs Veggie. Please, please, let what has been advertised about Quaker be true!! If not I may just have to sue them for false advertising!


Kelly Mahoney said...

I've seen that campaign as well. I know that oats absorb some of the cholesterol, but another part of that is if you eat oatmeal one or two times per day, it takes away the choice to eat something more fatty or unhealthful.

stay-at-home mum said...

Aaaah, Kelly - now I know. Tks.

tigerfish said...

If it's not true, don't sue them (so costly to sue). Ask them to reimburse with all the Quaker oats you have bought and consumed!!! :D

Best of results and good health!

Bkworm said...

I sure hope their claims are true coz I have been faithfully taking Quaker oats seven days a week without fail for quite a while now. Haven't gone for a test yet, so remains to be seen if the oats really work!

stay-at-home mum said...