Friday, February 15, 2008

Amazing Race Asia Season 2

I caught the last leg of the race last evening, and I must say it was a thrilling, nail-biting finish.

We were rooting for Adrian and Collin. These 2 young men, hail from Singapore, but that was not the main reason we were hoping they would win. You see, Adrian is hearing impaired. This team demonstrated no sign of "kiasuness" despite being Singaporeans (gasp!). They were most patient with each other and truly demonstrated what teamwork was all about.

At the start of this final leg, the 2 hunks from Phillipines (Mark & Rovilson) started off the leg first, with the Singapore boys leaving second, and the 2 beauties (Pamela & Vanessa) from Malaysia 3rd. The final leg brought them to Singapore, which had all three teams neck to neck as all three were on the same flight that brought them back here.

When they had to make their way to the the Asian Civilisations Museum, the Singapore boys were so close to overtaking M&R, but when they stopped to retieve their clue, they failed to get their cab to wait for them! They lost precious time there as they were unable to hail a cab for quite some time. (I guess that was before they raised cab fares in Singapore) Even the P&V overtook them. M&R were in the lead most of the time in this leg of the race.

However, in the last task of the race, the "road block" which required one player from each team to perform the task, finally decided the winner. The task was to place the flags of each country, in order of the countries they visited, from the 1st leg of the race to the end.

M&R had a very good lead as they got there early. P&V were next. However, as they fumbled with the flags, A&C arrived for the task. Adrian got down to the task. He showed his knowledge of the flags of the world, and with ease he placed them. He was soon done with the task and A&C raced to the finish line, with the other 2 teams still trying to decipher which flags were from which country!. A&C came in 1st!!

Congrats A&C. You have made Singapore proud whilst enjoying yourself on the race. You have also proved that disabled does not mean unable! Well done!


Sweetiepie said...

This show sounds interesting!Since I came here I never watch amazing race.Congratulations to them!:)

pretzel said...

Collin's my Pilates Class instructor! Well Done, dudes! :)

bp said...

Sounds so exciting! I must try and catch the next season! Way to go, these guys for how incredible they are!