Thursday, February 21, 2008

Christian "Lohei"

I know today is the last day of the CNY, but I just received this in an email, and I thought that this is definitely a must share. Last chance to use it today, until next year, that is.

It is meant for the modern christian chinese who are not to familiar with what they have to say when they do the lohei themselves. Good for the peranakans amongst us too!


Red envelope which contains pepper:
Praise the Lord, for peppering us with loving kindness

Green envelope which contains five-spice powder:
Praise the Lord, for accepting our labour as a fragrant offering to His plan

Praise the Lord, for the grace of God to be fishers of men

Praise the Lord, for the oil that keeps us burning in this fight of faith
Praise the Lord, for anointing us with the oil of joy (Psalm 45:7)

Plum Sauce:
Praise the Lord, for the sweetness of Your Word sweeter than honey to my mouth (Psalm 119:103)

Praise the Lord, for the street of pure gold that you have prepared for us to live in eternity (Revelation 21:21)

Happy "Lohei"ing!


Iml said...

I like this version better instead of wealth, fortune and more money. But that's us, Chinese

Bkworm said...

How appropriate are those phrases! :) Now I can use them tonight when the family has one last chance at 'lo-hei' before the CNY comes again next year.

bp said...

This is really neat, thanks for posting it! We didn't do a lo-hei this year, as too lazy to grate and prepare everything from scratch, and no one brought back any ready one from S'pore unlike last year when one of our friends remembered on her trip home.