Monday, February 25, 2008


Everyone tells me that this is the best time to be going on vacation to Japan and the US.

Why? Because of the strong Singapore dollar!

Comparatively, everything will be much cheaper. I drool when I think of taking a holiday in Japan - the food, the supermarts, the fresh air, the cherry blossoms in early April, the graciousness of the people. I love holidays in Japan, but it is a country that I have all along considered expensive. Hotels are expensive, and now with 5 in the family, we are no longer able to fit into one hotel room. The food is expensive, but so fresh and delicious. It's a joy to shop in Japan - the quality of the goods and the service is second to none. I guess, it's the price you have to pay for it.

I have not been back to the US for a long time. I could spend days just shopping at the discount outlets, or maybe, with the strong dollar, I can actually shop on 5th Avenue. There's friends to visit and also places that I would like to bring the children to - like Disney World and Epcot Center(Orlando), Kennedy Space Centre (Florida), Washington DC for its numerous museums, Broadway Shows in NY City, Vermont for its foliage ....... the list is endless.

However, my daughter is in P6 this year, so I guess all travel plans have to be shelved until after her crucial exams in October. By then, I just hope that the Singdollar is still as strong! Meanwhile, I will just dream of holidaying in these places ...... zzZzzZZZzz.


bp said...

Hurry up, October come!

Maybe you can still plan a weekend gateaway to somewhere nearer, when there's a public hol/long weekend, or after a series of continual assessments (are these still being conducted? or maybe it's called by some other name... I'm so out of touch!)... can be a motivating factor for S, and N, too!

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi bp
A long weekend away is so difficult for us coz my kids have so much CCA commitments.As it is we have not played in many chess tournaments this year (yet!) and they will have to soon or they may risk losing their place in the National Junior Squad. And these tournaments are usually over weekends and holidays...sigh. In addition, the school has already told us not to plan any trips for the June school vacation,as they are planning extra classes for the children!!

Sweetiepie said...

I woudl love to go to japan!I think spending our holliday in japan is worth it.Besides japan also has a disneyland too.:)

Yan said...


Still not too bad. You could have a loooong holidays in December! I took my last year's leave all in December and found that it was so good...

This year I would also have to take the December holiday as the daughter is taking her "O" (or SPM here) exam. After that, she will leave home for further studies, God's willing!

In the meantime, dream on.... :)

NomadicMom said...

When you want to have a family holiday and kids are NO longer babies, and cannot squeeze into the same bed, have to get an extra room for them. Costs can really escalate. Best is if you can squat in a friend's house etc.

Waaa...your kids' school so terror one ar? Have extra classes during the holidays? My kids not much work during school hours. During school holidays lagi NO work. *sigh*...

tigerfish said...

I am wishing to go to Japan too! I have never been there :O

Hope your holidays come true soon.

Sue said...

Hi! Just dropping by from Judy's.. ya good time for hols in the US

stay-at-home mum said...

Oh yes, Sweetiepie, the kids love the disneyland there too!!

SPM for your daughter - another stressful year. I am sure she will do well.

You are in the wrong country, la. Every school here has extra lessons for their P6 students during the school hols.

I am sure you will enjoy Japan. Food, scenery and onsen will sure make your trip. But like I said - so expensive!

Hi Sue
Thanks for dropping by my blog!

doc said...

you could always change into USD 1st & use later.

i wonder why you didn't include grand canyon or yosemites in the itinerary ?

stay-at-home mum said...

hey Doc,
yes, those are must see places too! I only focused on the East Coast of the US.

Iml said...

Ahh....holidays. Must work hard and patiently wait till Nov.

bp said...

Yes, I know what you mean. Last weekend my son also had one chess tournament, and then baseball is going to start... twice a week... so that pretty much goes our weekends! And that's only one of two kids, 'coz we haven't signed up the little one for any ECA.

For you, with three, your schedule must be very packed! Hope there's still maybe one or two weekends you can "escape" from it all, for a bit of downtime! =)

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi bp
Yes, and the kids schedule always take precedence over our own!!And fortunately Little D still hasnt have anything scheduled yet, tho I am tempted to start her on dance class as her music teacher in school told me she seems to have a way with her feet!!

Yes, iml - I think its the same for you too, right?