Monday, February 11, 2008

New Year Gifts

Every year for CNY the children will receive gifts from FIL in addition to the usual ang pow. This year this is what they got:

A year of the Rat money box:

And, Coins issued by the Singapore Mint to commerate the Year of the Rat

These commerative coins feature one coin of each denomination used in Singapore.


Kopi Soh said...

Wah so nice your FIL, your kids are lucky :D

Sweetiepie said...

I like the money box-so cuteee!Your kids are lucky to have a wonderful grandpa!:)

just me said...

Some people claimed that Nasi Dagang is the 'Nasi Lemak' of the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, in the states of Terengganu and Kelantan. In actual fact, it is not.

Kelantan version of Nasi Dagang is made by cooking normal rice, glutinous rice, wild rice (which gives its colour), 'halba' and onions together with added coconut milk and is eaten with specially made side dishes of tuna fish curry, chicken curry and slices of cucumber (to make it more tasty and good presentation. Whilst, Terengganu version is excluding of wild rice in its incredients

Hazel said...

beautiful picture..gong xi fa cai

bp said...

How meaningful! The money box is so cute... it's like a piggy bank?

Judy said...

That is such a lovely gift. It is something like First Day Cover which will be rare in years to come?

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi kopisoh
Ya lor, they so lucky.

Yes sweetiepie. they have a grandpa that indulges them.

Thanks just me - for enlightening me.

Thanks hazel. Still trying to remember to take photos for my blog.

Hi bp
Yes, its actually a piggy bank just that since it is in the shape of a rat, i thot I shouldnt call it a piggy bank

Yes Judy, those coins are like 1st day covers. Actually 1st day covers are still being sold in Singapore,a nd they do have some really beautiful ones commerating the various festivals, which make excellent souvenirs for overseas guests. We buy them occasionally.

Yan said...

The Rat Money Box is cute. The Coins are sure a good keep!

Hey, we give Christmas gifts, birthday presents, we have never given any new year gift. If there is, it's like exchanging some new year goodies from one house to another.

Should try next year!

stay-at-home mum said...

yes, most friends do exchange new year goodies - not presents per se.

tigerfish said...

The moneybox is cute!

Happy CNY to you and your family!

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi tigerfish
Happy NY to you and yours too!!