Saturday, February 2, 2008

Only Breasts??

No, this is not an x-rated post!

We had lunch at a fast food restaurant this afternoon. This place specialises in chicken. After hubby ordered the food and brought it to our table, I was surprised that there was no chicken drumsticks or maryland in the serve. Those are the parts which Little D and I enjoy. They only had chicken breasts - Yucks!

But why? The counter staff could not give a reason, except that they didnt have any of the other parts. I remember some 3 to 4 week back, there was an article in the newspapers that said that this same fast food chain was not serving any white meat (ie chicken breasts and wings) as their stocks of it had run out. This, I thought, was very unusual.

I remember many years ago, I had heard from a chicken supplier that this restaurant chain was very specific in their requests. They wanted only chickens of a certain size and they were to be cut up in a specific manner. This I could understand as they wanted to serve a standard size for every serving. So what has happened now?

From what I know, everytime they sell a serve of chicken they always give a mix of chicken parts. They are usually very reluctant to accomodate your requests for certain chicken parts only. So, they could not have sold out all of a certain part, right? Could their buying department have screwed up so badly? - ie by ordering too much of a certain chicken part at the expense of others due to poor projection of demand?

We also noted that the chicken pieces served were more flavoured than usual - it tasted more peppery. Were they trying to mask something? I dont know!! I sure hope they were not serving genetically modified chickens that grew more than one chicken breast!! Looks like we will not be visiting them anytime in the near future. Naturally, I did not enjoy the meal. The only one that did was hubby, as he is a "breast man".


NomadicMom said...

Aiyo...donno why I keep on commenting and it don't come out one??

Sweetiepie said...

I n our country here,plp loves breast.Unlike me and my hubby we love wings and thigh..If i were you I am not going to dine in there.That's not professional at all right.

stay-at-home mum said...

Nomadic mom

This one came out? Must be patient la!

Hi Sweetiepie
Yes, I wont be going there for a while, tho' my kids like to eat there.

bp said...

Like D, my kids will also go the drumsticks or thighs... so much more succulent than the breast. I hardly buy the whole chix to cook, otherwise I will end up eating the breast (not necessarily the best) part, as no one else wants it, and I'm the one who mind it the least. Guess maybe the Americans like it because it's boneless and easy to eat, besides being more healthy. But breast here is viewed as best, and as you'll recall, is many times pricier than the darker meat parts.

mott said...

I don't get it.. the shop specialises in chicken dishes, but only serve breasts?

I used to love breasts too...but, now, I am in love with wings/drummets/kai-pei!!!!

Breasts too tough la! Both u n ur daughter have good taste!! HEE HEE HEE!