Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why dont they dress their age?

I know of some ladies, no, no I should call them women, that refuse to dress their age. Let me share with you:

There is this woman I know, she is 57 years old, about to be a mother-in-law, and do you know what she wears? Well, when she came to my home for CNY to pai nian (she works for F-I-L), she was wearing tights and a pink baby doll style blouse! When I saw her, the first thing I thought was - what? Is she having a mid-life crisis? Her dressing looked like one of those "kawaii" harajuku kids. Only that she is not! She has a son that is almost 30 years old, so why is she dressing like that? This is not the first time. The previous time I saw her, she was wearing a layered ruffled skirt made of lace and a tube top. Something that would appeal to my daughter "S". I dont even want to think about all the other times when we had a good laugh about her dressing.

There is another woman that I see in school whenever I pick my kids home. Her youngest son is the same age as "S", so she cant be that young (unless she started really early). My guess is she is mid to late 40s. M-i-l thinks she must be at least 50. Once, she was wearing this "retro" looking dress that ended some 8 inches above the knees (i.e mid-thigh). Her face looked like from the Sakura Ting era, and so was her dressing. Yesterday, she was wearing this black dress with red polka dots (the size of mandarin oranges), ala Bozo the clown style - with a huge collar. Sometimes she comes in boots. Yes, in this hot Singapore weather!

What's with these women? I keep asking myself: Why do they do it? Why cant they just age gracefully, and wear something more modest and befitting their age?

Is it me? - Am I a sour puss? Just because I know I will never be caught dead in one of those outfits, I just cant accept others my age (or older) wearing it? Am I too old-fashioned and ultra-conservative?

Or is it them?? Mind you, these are not those "ah sohs" who are not in touch with fashion. They deem themselves up-to-date and trendy, and travel frequently to the fashion capitals of the world. But look what they come back with?!??

I would like to think the problem is with them!! Sometimes I wish the fashion police would take photos of them and post them in magazines in the "what not to wear" section! I must admit though, that they always give me a good laugh!


mott said...



ya..some women r like i'm the ah-soh..sigh....

Constance Chan said...

hahaha Know what you mean.. you know sometimes we don't know what's going on in our minds as we grow old. I used to turn away at everything that was red in colour. But now, don't know why, i seemed to have acquired a liking to it. I told my friend, I've just turn into my own nightmare!! So when I see elderly ladies, and raised my eyebrow, my good friend says 'watch what you say' lololol

Ling That's Me said... mil is in her 50s and she dress like tat! :D She dress more sexy than me ok!

I suppose she likes to dress up ?

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Mott
Ah soh, never mind - you dress beyond your years, i guess.

Hi Constance
I dont have a problem with them wearing the colour red, but its the design, so not appropriate for that age group! But I also better watch what I say, heh? Incase I turn into one of them in a few years time.

Hi Ling
Oh oh! Sorry, ah? Ok to dress up but dont wear what teeny boppers wear la!

Montessorimum said...

I was at the hairdresser in Malacca 2 months ago, I saw this lady dressed in a spaghetti strip top, short tight skirt , black stocking and a 4 inch high heels, of course with full make up. The hairdresser told me that lady is already near 70 years old. And the old lady is able to drive...

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi montessorimum

That must be one hot mama!

just me said...

Happy Valentine's day to you and yours!

Yan said...

Guess that makes the world more beautiful!

I always think that I am a boring woman still living in the black and white world when the world is now coloured :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi just me
Happy Valentines to you too!

Hi Yan
Yes, i guess, it does make the world more colurful.
Happy Valentines to you too!

Kopi Soh said...

Happy Valentine's Day, alamak boots in S'pok weather, hehe i once saw this lady abt 50++ or so, she wear mini skirt, with tube top, fish net stockings, and ankle boots in Penang mall. Hmmmm gua mau pengsan.
Err...but to be reli honest i sum time dress like teenager oso lar, with my layered ts and jeans *blush blush* but i do know well enuf to stay away from mini mini skirts, hehehe.

stay-at-home mum said...

But kopisoh, you still young what!!

bp said...

Nod, nod, I know what,who you are talking about, and I ask the same questions you ask... so, maybe I'm too conservative, too! Haha! To each his own, but hopefully when they look more than a bit ridiculous, someone who knows them well enough will be brave (?) enough to tell it to them. (I think I'd like to be told, but then again, these people are the fashion moguls, so who are we to say anything, yah?)

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi bp
Fashion moguls? To be they are fashion mongrels!! Haha!

bp said...

Hahaha! Mongrel, not moguls! Good one!