Friday, February 15, 2008

Budget Day - Updated

Today is budget day in Singapore.

For the many years, this day has been sort of like another Christmas day for many in Singapore. Businesses and many (working) individuals receive goodies and tax cuts from the Finance Minister. Unfortunately, for Stay-At-Home Mums like me, we have not received a single treat.

It has always been said that my "profession" is the noblest of all professions, as we make huge sacrifices, give up well-paid jobs and perks, for a 24/7 job that pays us zilch. Our husbands have to work twice as hard to provide for the family. We do away with a lot of luxuries which we would otherwise be able to afford had we not made this choice.

Research has shown that children of SAHMs tend to be better behaved, give less problems and are more well adjusted. So, despite all this, why are we always the forgotten ones when the budget comes along?

So far, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has said it will be a "Progressive Budget" with something for everyone, and to take the country forward. (source CNA)

I really hope there is truth in that statement, coz, everyone must mean everyone including SAHMs like me.

I am not asking for much. Even if you are not able to give us direct hand-outs, at least, reward us for moulding our future leaders by giving our husbands a bigger tax rebate. Then we know you really mean everyone when you say it.

Update: Absolutely nothing for us poor SAHMs again. Looks like he doesnt understand the meaning of the word "everyone". defines it as: every person; everybody. Which means no body is excluded. So how come SAHMs are excluded again. Do we not count? Next time, dont get our hopes up and make empty promises. Upset :(


Sweetiepie said...

you are absolutely right!Everyone should enjoy the same benefits. SAHM work everyday with no day off and we should be treated as such in every respect.

Kopi Soh said...

Ya i oso wan reward otherwise boycott dowan cook dinner liao.

bp said...

I second that! Then we can be a bit more "ho mia"! ;p

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi everyone
Looks like they forgot us again! Sigh!

Iml said...

Why are we the forgotten lots? Are we silent, invisible contributors? :=(

stay-at-home mum said...

looks like we are :(

sandy said...

You moms must learnt to think like the mandarin scholars in charge of this country. In their "follow law" mentality, SAHMs are not "working". So, what you need to do is ask your hubby pay a token sum to "employ" you as Housemaking Specialist, declare your income to the IRAS, and presto! You are part of the workforce contributing to the economy! and start collecting the workfare bonus!

stay-at-home mum said...

Ingenious! Hmmm, Now to convince hubby.

Anonymous said...

You should have with other houseladies, carry placards telling your leaders not to keep driving up the costs of everything. Because if they do, your family members will be stressed, and spouse cannot fulfill much of the duty of a husband.

Or just simply avoid becoming mothers, go out and work for your money. Don't depend on handouts, they are really peanuts!

Shelly said...

Hi, chanced on your blog and I completely agree with you on this!

In our "wonderful" country, childcare benefits/subsidies only apply to working moms. What about the SAHMs who have more than 1 kid and need the childcare for certain hours of the day?!

Although we really should have expected it. Over here, it's No Action Talk Only. :p

With our rate of living, most of us are just not poor enough to get govt help, and not rich enough to have all we need on our own.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi anonymous
guess you are not a mum?? It is something we chose, and we are finding it fullfilling.We just feel that the government should try to help us out a bit, and dont behave like we dont exist. Afterall, we are bringing up the future generation!

Hi Shelly
Thanks for coming by. Totally agree with you!!