Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dental Fear

She had a bad dental experience when young. The dentist made a wrong call when she chipped a tooth. As a result, she had to undergo a root canal at the tender age of 7. Coupled with a small jaw, she ended up with a very crowded mouth. Misaligned teeth resulted in her top teeth impacting her bottom. At age 9, some of her bottom teeth became shaky!!

A change of dentist came with the need to remove 4 teeth. With the fear as a result of her previous dental experience, she had to remove them under general anaesthesia. The fear is still there. No one is allowed near her mouth, except for this new dentist. Even if she has a shaky tooth, she will not allow anyone near it, not even to just pull it out.

Last night, in her sleep, one shaky tooth fell out!! Discovered it this morning. Good thing she did not swallow it.

In one and a half weeks, she has another dental appointment. Her jaw is really too crowded. She needs to remove another 4 teeth. We will decide then, whether she still needs to go under GA.

Please pray for her to be strong and overcome her fear. If not, it will be another $3000 out of my pocket.


Iml said...

Too young to have to go through all this. The word, 'Dentist' always sents shivers down my spine.

Sweetiepie said...

Poor girl!My elder daughter also went through a bad dental experience too.At her age our dental here would recommend to go for GA.My daughter already went through this.She had to remove 7 teeth.Imagine!!!I will pray for her.Don't worry everything will be fine.

NomadicMom said...

Waaaa...why have to remove so many teeth? Remove 4 at one time is very very scary!!!

That reminds me...have to take S1 to the orthodontist. Thank goodness the company's insurance covers it. Otherwise, I would have to part with MY $$!

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi iml, nomadicmum
small crowded jaw resulting in misaligned teeth. I hate the word dentist too but I hope one of my kids will become one!!

Thanks sweetiepie. My girl is already (well almost) 12, so if she wants she should be able to do it without GA, I hope! you know how I feel, esp since yours took out 7!!

Yan said...

Oh dear! I just have one of my wisdom teeth extracted last weekend. It still hurts.

I know the fear, even though I am one of those few brave women.

Just whispered a little prayer for yours! With God by her side, she will be strong and brave! What more, a loving and supporting mum would ease much much more!

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Yan
Hope you are feeling much better.

mott said...

OUCH! I had some teeth removed too when I was young... I just hope it goes smoothly!

bp said...

Poor S, praying with you she'll be brave about this.

I had root canal treatment done to 7 teeth in the course of 1 year when I was 28... the specialist said I set a record for having so many done at one go, at that "young" age. But hearing S' account, it's certainly not been easy for her.

You hang in there, too, SAHM... it's probably better that the adjustments to the teeth are done now while she's still young.