Sunday, July 29, 2007

Caught the bug! Ah choo!

I think I have caught the bug. Nose twitching, fingers itching. Anxious, grumpy, impatient. Until I get to the computer, that is. I think I have got "blogovitis". Just noticed that I have done a whopping 25 posts (not counting this one) so far this month. It is almost one a day!! The most that I have done in a month since I started in January.

If hubby knows, he will be most upset. "Wasting time blogging?" - that's probably what he will say. "Hope you are not saying too much that would put our kids in any sort of danger. Dont divulge too much information about us!" He has read all those horror stories about people who pretend to be others to prey on the young and not so young.

Yes, He is paranoid about such things. But, once you have caught the virus, there is very little that you can do about it. The doctors always say: Just got to let it run its course until you recover. So, I guess, that's what I am doing! :D


Victor said...

Haha, it's exactly the same situation with me, except that I don't write so often (usually only once a week) and the roles are reversed.

Jonzz said...

I don't think your husband is being paranoid. With the large number of new types of crimes these days, it pays to be cautious.

NomadicMom said...

Even if don't divulge too much...sometimes you get a SIX SENSE blogger who KNOWS who you are!!! Hahaha..Like Misha's Mum on ME :-)

Judy said...

Hahaha....very good wor, your doctor's advice.

Don't slow down....I come everyday one. :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Everyone
Thanks for visiting. I will write when I feel the urge. I also enjoy visiting all your blogs.

Yes - Jonzz - pays to be cautious. Hmmm I wonder about you, now. Muahaha!

Victor - you are an author, so share your knowledge and skills with us.

Hi Judy
Thanks for coming by everyday.

Hi Noamdic Mom
You sure got 6th sense - what 4D coming out this weekend, ah?

tigerfish said...

I get the "waste time bloggin" comment from my hubby too :(