Thursday, July 5, 2007

My deal with S

This is for the records so that I do not forget it.

Hubby bought me a *bling*, and when S saw it, she wanted it. You see, everytime I have a child, hubby will buys me something, sort of "payment" for 9 months of discomfort!). Since I had little D, I had not found something I really wanted which was to be hers. Recently I saw something I really liked and got it. S has a ring, N has a string of cultured pearls. So when S saw this piece of jewellery that was meant for D, she really drooled (must really be growing up to know how to want such things, I guess).

I told her that if she gives me 3 A stars for her PSLE exams next year (the kiasu mother trying to bribe the child to do well!), I will get her one just like mine, but in a smaller version. Instead, she counter-offered - no quarrelling or fighting with her brother for a year. I said that was not enough for me,so I then added a few extra clauses. I have been having trouble getting her to eat and drink (i think the stress of school work affects her - she is a very self motivated child that can and will do her work at the expense of other things, food included - she just forgets to eat when she has work to do!!)So I said that she had to eat well,and drink at least 1 litre of water each day (there are some days where she gets by only on 2 small glasses... i dont know how, but she says she doesnt feel thirsty at all!).

She agreed!! After she agreed, she realised what she got herself into and said: "Oh Dear! Next year is a leap year, so I have to not quarrel with N for one extra day!....and if I dont succeed in that, boy! I have to study very hard to make sure I get my 3 A Stars!" She also wanted me to promise her that I did not tell N about our deal or she was sure that he would try to sabotage her efforts. So I agreed. Since Monday, she has been counting down. 3 days has passed with no incidents with her brother...must say that is quite an achievement, and she has been eating and drinking really well. No nagging needed from me at all! So this time next year, we will know if she manages to "earn" her own *bling*.


Judy said...

Wah, how old is S? Sorry to ask as I am not familiar with Singapore's exams. So many things she has to do to get her reward for one whole year? I am sure you will still buy it for her even if she does quarrell with her brother. One year is a long time not to have 'words' with each other. :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Judy

S is 11. They still talk, but she is trying real hard not to argue and fight which she seems to enjoy doing (maybe a debater in the making!!)So far, so good.

Jonzz said...

LOL, 1 year is difficult for a kid.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Jonzz
I agree one year is a little long, but she was sure that she could do it. I gave her something more achieveable, but she was determined to give it a try. Lets see how long she lasts.