Monday, July 16, 2007

My Little D is growing up!

Everytime Little D wears pyjamas that has buttons, she wants to undo them herself. Some days I just have no patience as we are rushing to get to school! So, this horrible mum, tends to give her PJs with no buttons, except on friday and saturday nites, ie when the next day is not a school day. Last night I forgot!

This morning, she asked to undo them again! As we were still early, I did not fuss, and let left her to her own devices. Hey presto! In less than 2 minutes, she had unbuttoned all the 4 buttons on her PJs with no help! Yippee! Her motor skills have improved, despite me not giving her much opportunities to practise them! She was so pleased with herself!!

I was at a major department store yesterday morning to get some eye-cream (must get rid of these panda looking eyes!) But the sales assistant for the product I wanted, had not reported for work (skiving , I think!). Another sales assistant came over to help. As I was helping her look for the eye cream that I wanted, my two girls, S and D were enjoying themselves with the samples that were lying around. When the eye cream I wanted was found,and I was all ready to pay, I realised my two girls were all made up!! Little D turned around to me and said: "Mummy, I look pretty!"

Little D had lipstick on her forehead, eyeshadow on her cheeks and chin! S had helped herself to the lip gloss, and used the eyeshadow as nail polish! What a sight! The sales assistant couldnt help but burst out laughing! She was kind enough to use the expensive cleanser to clean my girls up when I went to pay! Guess my girls dont have much opportunities to play make up at home as I am a very "tidak apa" person. The only make up I wear is lipstick!


healy said...

Yeah! Every bloggers use eye gel cause the trademark of blogger is always our beautiful panda eyes. haha....

And, I used to play with my mum make up too when I was a little gal like S and D! HAve fun, gals! :)

Sweetpea said...

it doesn't matter. try getting some of those face-painting kits and u do it on them (good practice for your drawing skills too, hehe)

all girls love them!

stay-at-home mum said...

Yes, Healy - I guess girls will be girls.

Hey Sweetpea - must try out those face painting kits, then my son can join in the fun too!

mott said...

psstt...what eye cream is that ah?? I also want la...ha ha ha!

Victor said...

I always believe in giving children ample opportunities to try things out for themselves. It is only through hands-on experience that they learn. Even (and especially) if they make a mistake, it is a learning opportunity.

Too bad I do not have any daughters to practise on.

bp said...

Haha! Your girls are growing up fast!!!

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Mott
I will let you know if it really works. Sometimes I think it is all a markteting gimmick. No point 2 of us using the same eye cream and still have panda eyes, hor?

Hi Victor
Well said! Yes, gotta let them try. As I dont have much make up at home, looks like more visits to the dept store will be nec!!

Yes bp, they are growing fast!