Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I know I am getting old...

I know I am getting old because:
Little D's teacher has to remind me about show and tell every week. If not for her sms, I would not remember to pack something for Little D.

This week when her sms came, I searched for a lion for little D to bring as it was "L" week. We could not find a lion (it's somewhere in the house), but we found a lunchbox with a picture of a lion on it. But Little D wasn't too happy with it. Then Grandma suggested lychees. Brilliant. Little D was all excited about bringing lychees to school as that would mean that she would get to eat it.

Off to school we went. When little D took out the Lion lunchbox which had the lychees in it, Teacher G looked at me and asked: What's that?
I said : Lychees in a lion lunchbox. Triple L, not bad ah?
Teacher G said: But this week is the letter "i".

Oh dear, my eyes have failed me. I have misread her message. Looks like the "old eyes" have really set in! Now I need to change the settings on my mobile phone for the message font to be LARGE.


tigerfish said...

Hahhahaa...you are so funny!
"L" comes after ""i"...so should tell the teacher you are three alphabets ahead!

iml said...

Hehehe....and you are not even 40 yet!!!

Victor said...

Do the letters for the show-and-tell lessons go by alphabetical order? If they do, you can say that your Little D learns so fast that she's already 3 letters ahead - at L instead of at I. :)

just me said...

Novels which I choose to borrow must have large print also.

healy said...

Hey! Mummy, you really put your D to shame ler... So, next week should be "J", right? Please prepare some jackfruits or let her bring along some breads with Jam,k?

From teacher H. :)

Jonzz said...

LOL! eh, how come you accompany her for a Show and Tell session?

Judy said...

It's probably just one of those days. No need for large font lah. :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi everyone

No the show and tell sessions do not go alphabetically.

No, i do not accompany her for show and tell - when we arrive the teacher usually asks the child to put their show and tell into the magic box. So it was unpacking bag time!

Yes, Grandma did suggest jackfruit for J week.

NO, i am not under 40 (I wish!!)

No, it's not just one of those weeks. I already use progressive lenses, but looks like it has gotten worse now!

I do need the LARGE font, really.

iml said...

Oops!!!! but welcome to the 40s club.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi iml
Turned 40 quite awhile back, so not new to the club.

mott said...

ADOI! It's OK. I think it's not the age, i think it's the font. Becoz my aunt (who is a youngish 40) also complained that the fonts in the mob. phones are too small! ;-)

bp said...

Poor you! I think it could just be the confusion over i looking like l! Wow, sms to remind parents... that's neat!

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi bp

This teacher very "on" yet there are some parents who dont bother to bring. I am really greatful for the reminder every week.

Yeah Mott
Too small for "old eyes".