Monday, July 16, 2007

Sports Day

Last Friday was Sports Day at Little D's school. She woke up bright and early and all eager for the day's events.

The children had loads of fun playing a series of games, where they competed by age groups. The Parents event was a tug-of-war. Alas, my muscles were not considered big enough, so I ended up cheering the kids, teachers and other parents.

Little D going thru' the hoops

Balancing the bean bag

My little energizer bunny hopping

Everyone was a winner, there were no losers. All the children took part in all the events, and were given a rossette at the end of the games. Thank you Lord for blessing the children with fine weather on that day.

Little D with her rossette

All the tired champions


mott said... cute!!!!!!

love it when they try and try and try!!!!

bp said...

Yay! Sports Day's always fun! Especially like the hoops pictures... D is so adorable =)

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Mott
Yes, it is so funny to see some of the young ones that can jump trying to bunny hop. Hilarious!

Hi bp
Yes, sports day is really fun! For the hoops pictures, I was flat on the grass!