Monday, July 30, 2007

Lollipop! Lollipop!

You wouldn't believe it, but one lollipop can make 3 people happy.

Last sunday, when my family was having lunch at the basement of Raffles City, the waitress came and gave Little D a lollipop. I was not pleased, as I dont encourage my children to eat lollipops. Other candies - ok, but not lollipops, coz they stay too long in the mouth - I hate dental visits and their bills.

Half way during the meal, Little D asked me if she could have the lollipop. "NO" was the reply - "not until you finish your lunch". At another table, there was a little girl, aged about 2 who was fussing. Her parents tried to get her to sit down, but she refused. Then they told her to look at little D who was sitting and eating. Reluctantly, she sat. She had her eyes on our table and was waving to S and Little D, every few minutes.

After our lunch, I noticed that the little girl was starting to fuss again. I told Little D : "See that little girl. I think she is feeling sad. Would you like to make her happy by giving her this lollipop?"

Little D thought for a long time, but did nothing, except hold on tight to her precious lollipop. As we were leaving the restaurant, Little D ran up to the little girl and gave her the lollipop. We were surprised at her action. We thanked her for sharing, and she was really happy about the whole thing. At the end, the little girl was happy, Little D was happy, and the happiest person was ME!!


bp said...

Aw, that's so sweet of D! Hope you are feeling better.

I've tagged you... please see my Charity meme and Blog awards post. Thanks!

Sasha said...

thats very nice of yr lil D. Sharing is good!

Judy said...

Your girl sounds like my son when he was younger but I can honestly say my son is very generous even till today. Sadly not towards his own family but to friends and strangers. :)

I think generosity in inborn. It may have come from you or your husband or both of you.

Both my parents are very generous, especially my dad and I think he passed it on to me and my children.

Just a thought (I may be wrong there).

You should be every so proud of your daughter's action. Good on her.

stanley said...

I have 5 grandchildren one of whom I have given a nickname "Little D". She is eight years old and she often throws tantrum at the slightest provocation. Often times she also behaves well. If she behaves well I will call her "little darling". If she throws tantrum, she will be known as a "little devil"

tigerfish said...

But that little girl's parents would be most unhappy now! ;p

iml said...

~*Sharing is Caring*~
Your children are heading the right direction. You Should be Proud.

Victor said...

Apart from inheriting good traits from parents, children need to be inculcated with good habits and compassion for others. You made use of a good opportunity to teach little D a right value and I am proud of you.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi everyone,
We encourage our children to share all the time. Sometimes they are so good at it, sometimes not so good. But we try, all the time! Yes, it is one of the good values we try to pass on.

Hi tigerfish
The parents of the little girl were actually quite happy as they could have their lunch in peace after that! There are people who do not mind their kids eating lollipops. (Unfortunately, I am not one of them.) I guess they are the ones who have not had a kid undergone a root canal at 7years!

YogaJess said...

awww... that's so sweet of her. Maybe you should reward her another lollipop from the shop *rofl*

janice said...

The spirit of giving - wow! - that made u so proud rite :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Janice and yogajess
Thanks for popping by. Yes, I am so proud of her, but no! no lollipops for my kids.