Thursday, July 19, 2007

My computer is playing punk with me again!

This computer is driving me up the wall. First, I have problems getting internet connection. Thot it was something wrong with my service provider. Then found out it was the fault of my wireless modem. Got it replaced and it worked fine. Now after barely 5 weeks, the D*@! thing is not working again. Do I have to fork out another $70 for another wireless modem?? No guarantee that it would solve my problem.

Now, I am reduced to working on my "dinosaur" laptop, which works when it wants, and goes on vacation at other times.

So, I will not be able to post as often as I would like, or even check my mail. Going to a cybercafe is not an option for me, coz I dont have much time with the kids. At least at home, I can do it whilst supervising the kids home work!

Sigh! Oi Computer! Please listen, and get to work! I have to blog!(I wish the computer has ears and is as obedient as my daughter S!)

So, till my computer gets its act together again, you will hear from me sporadically!


Jonzz said...

Complain to them. Claim warranty. 5 weeks is ridiculous. Don't they have warranty?

iml said...

It's just fanatic frustration when you can't log in. Especially when you need desperately to blog.

Victor said...

What Internet connection do you have? (Singtel ADSL broadband or Starhub Cable?)

It may not be your wireless modem that is giving the problem. Did you try using a direct connection, i.e. without going through the wireless router? In other words, test your Internet connection using cables. If you have a separate modem (must be the correct type for your type of Internet connection and non-wireless one), plug this into the telephone outlet (if you are using Singtel connection) or the cable point (if you are using SCV connection). Then connect from your modem to your PC using the supplied cable (usually LAN cable or USB cable). Using this simple test, you will be able to determine whether it is your Internet connection that is giving you problem or if it is your wireless modem that is faulty.

If 5-week old wireless modem is faulty, then it should be covered by warranty mah.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi All
I checked the box and guess what? There is no warranty. Hubby couldnt take it anymore and told me to go buy a new modem - I bought another of the same brand but of a faster speed (108 vs 54 for the old) - And guess what?? It works fine now!! This new one, also no warranty! So keeping my fingers crossed that it lasts longer than 5 weeks.
BTW Victor - I use starhub cable.

bp said...

That's great that the new modem is better and faster... yay! Now you can use your computer as and when you like/can find the time... happy blogging! =)

Victor said...

Good. But how come no warranty one. Your hubby didn't pick it up from Sungei Road, did he? :P

stay-at-home mum said...

Saw that the modem is made in china! sigh! No wonder. It came from challenger, and challenger only carries 2 brands. Glad I am back on line again!