Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Essentials for me to grow....

I was reading the newspapers this morning when I decided to take a look at my horoscope (not that I believe it ...just do it for the fun of it). It said:

Plants need air, water and sunlight to grow. What are three essential items that your mind, body and spirit need to do the same? Think about it, and then figure out ways to incorporate it into your life on a regular basis.

Sounds like pretty good advice to me. So I gave it some thought. What are my essentials? Let’s see, I came up with the following:
• Friends and fellowship
• Prayer
• Sleep / Rest
• Exercise
• Shopping
• Massage
• Books
• Food (preferably good and sinful!)

Wow! That’s more than three that I deem essential. So I have decided to choose 3 which I feel the need to try to incorporate into my life and they are:

Friends, prayer and Sleep

Why? Because they don’t feature enough in my current life!! What’s yours?


mott said...

oi...bloggers not considered your frens meh?

I'd like Energy, Books and Family.


stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Mott

Of course Bloggers are my friends, but I dont have enough of it. Need more time for them, la.

bp said...

Mine's prayer too, sleep (more beauty and uninterrupted sleep!), and loved ones back home that I shouldn't use the excuse of being here not to care more for them.

Count me in always, as one of your blogger/blogging friends! =)

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi bp
Of course, you are one of my blogger friends. And, sleep is soooo impt, hor?